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Dreadlock Services

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Hair Type/Texture (New Loc Creation Only)

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New Loc Creation: $60/Hour

Existing Loc Maintenance: $40/Hour

The Methodology

            When creating dreadlocks, I use a few methods that are safe, effective and completely natural.


The first method is backcombing or teasing, this is done in such a way that ensures the client keeps as much length as possible. 

The next method is crochet. Using a tiny crochet hook,

I weave the hair through and over itself. This accelerates the locking process and creates a dense, evenly shaped loc body.

These methods do require some skill and experience and it is not recommended to trust just anyone to attempt these methods on your hair. Improper application can lead to  poorly formed locs and worst case thinning or baldness.

I do not recommend certain methods of loc formation. One method to stay away from for most is Interlocking. This process is only effective on certain hair types.

If used on the wrong hair type, it can cause thin spots within your locs which can result in breakage and loss of length or total loss of locs. I also do not recommend any methods that use products such as beeswax. Using beeswax on locs can cause mold to form inside the body. This is obviously not ideal.


Appointment Length

The length of time for dreadlock services varies based on hair length, type, texture and desired results.

Due to this, a quote is required to schedule services. Request a quote today using the form on the right.

Pre + Post Appointment INfo

Learn more about preparing for your appointment, what to expect after and product recommendations.

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