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Your Dreadlock Appointment

Before + After

Pre-Appointment Checklist

Post-Appointment Info

  1. Wash + dry hair. Use diluted castile soap (like Dr. Bronners, a 1:4/1:6 soap to water ratio) Washing + drying the day before is acceptable.

  2. Do not apply any products to hair after wash or before appointment.

  3. Pre-medicate/bring ibuprophen if you have a low pain tolerance or a tender scalp

Product Recommendations

Things to expect after your appointment​:

  1. Locs will be stiff and stick up, this will subside with time.

  2. Locs may unravel, get loose, or become frizzy at the roots. This can be addressed in maintenance, but is a consistent part of wearing locs. Please do not use rubber bands or string to reduce the frizz/tighten the locs

  3. Do not wet or wash locs for about a month to allow them to set in.

  4. Be sure to pull locs apart and separate them from each other, as they will try to form one bigger loc.

  5. After a month, you will be able to wash your locs using a diluted castile soap (like Dr. Bronners, 1:4/1:6 soap to water ratio)

  6. Avoid conditioners and creme/conditioning products

  7. Avoid shampoo or products that leave residue

  8. Anytime your locs get wet, be sure to fully dry them before laying on them or tying them back/up. This is to avoid mold growth.

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